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Luxury Plastic Gift Cards

Luxury Plastic Gift Cards

Full color double sided on 0.76mm plastic card with round corners (credit card quality and size)

Standard Pack (GST Incl.)



Product Details

  • Print process: Full color on both sides
  • Card material: 0.76mm plastic card
  • Style: Credit card style (with round corners)
  • Finish size:  85.60 mm × 53.98 mm  (same size as credit card)
  • Can be designed to target specific products, seasons or occasions
  • Improved tracking & management
  • High and low coercivity magnetic stripes available
  • Write on signature panels available
  • barcodes available

PinPrint pay attention to the details that makes our luxury plastic gift cards outstanding from the market. We demand perfection, each and every time to guarantee your gift cards feel worthy of gifting to your valued customers. The quality speaks for itself and presents the high profile of your company.

It’s an in-demand product for many professional organizations such as gyms, sporting clubs, hair/beauty salons, massage and other types of business and associations, they run membership programs. Quality Plastic Cards are one of the essential components of successful customer loyalty programs, that are durable and convenient to put into a wallet, and most important, these luxury style plastic cards offer a way to wow your customers and increase their loyalty and engagement with your business.

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