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Tips for foil stickers

When foil stickers are applied onto packaging surfaces, or materials that contain certain chemicals, there is a possibility that the foil may be corroded. This possibility is even more likely if in an high humidity or high temperature environment.
Foils may eventually be affected by oxidation. They can also corrode when in contact with any acidity on the substrate.
Foil Storage Conditions
Most standard foils can be stored safely under normal conditions, i.e., at temperatures between 5 degrees C (40 degrees F) and 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) and a relative humidity of between 30% and 70%. Care should be taken to avoid storage close to heating pipes and radiators, or in direct sunlight.
Special care should be taken when storing low temperature grades. Rolls should not be subjected to high temperature, or pressure, which could result in delamination. Rolls should be stood on end, avoid stacking rolls horizontally.